Indonesian presidential election ballot, lost at polling station 09

PRABUMULIH, PUBLIKZONE --- The voting process at polling station 09 in Patih Galung, Prabumulih City, South Sumatra Province was disrupted. Because Ballots paper of the President and Vice President Election Was Missing

As a result, Not Only the selection process had to be stopped, But also a few people that include in 201 Permanent Voters decided to leave the polling station.

Hendri Edit (48) a resident of RT 02 RW 01 claimed to be disappointed with the loss of ballot papers. According to him, the Prabumulih City General Election Commission (KPU) as the organizer must take full responsibility for his negligence.

"We have waited more than 3 hours at this polling station, but we have not been able to vote because there is no ballot for the presidential election. Where the ballot papers for the presidential election is kept," he said.

On the other hand, Yanto (20) local residents suspected that the ballots for the president and vice presidential election had been rigged. He also hopes that this presidential election should not be sabotaged.

"This kind of thing seems different. Many people suspect that the missing ballots have been chosen (Marked) for one of the presidential candidates. But we are only suspicious, and that can happen, "he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Prabumulih H. Andriyansyah Fikri SH, who visited the troubled polling station at that time, admitted that he had coordinated with the KPU to resolve the issue. It's just that he claimed to be surprised why this could happen.

"Don't let it be a big problem. For this reason, the KPU must act quickly to find a solution," he explained.

For this negligence, Fikri asked all residents present at the polling station to stay calm and continue to participate in channeling their voting rights.

"Hopefully this problem can be solved as soon as possible by the KPU. Do not let this problem make residents cannot vote," he explained.

Chairperson of the Voting Organizing Group 09 Erna Apriani explained that there was no ballot for the presidential election in the ballot box which was found when all officers issued ballots from inside the box.

"Indeed, the first time we open a box using a special key that matches the code of the box, it cannot be opened. After we try with another key, it can open. But we did not find the ballot papers inside. So we are forced to postpone the voting process," He explained

Chairperson of the District Election Committee (PPK) Edi Asri said, to overcome this problem, the KPU ordered polling committee officials (PPS) to take the Presidential Election ballot which became an additional 2 percent in each polling station. So that the voting process can be carried out gradually.

"Our team has spread to take a number of ballots for presidential elections in a number of polling stations around Prabumulih Barat. There are 115 polling stations for Prabumulih Barat. Hopefully they can take the shortage of ballots," he said. (PZ)

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